Performance management system and KPIs

Human Resources are accountable for initiating performance appraisal process for the section to assess the performance of the staff. On top of it, Human Resources have also been tasked to develop and design Performance Management System. HR would need to know about the business for its serious success factors. HR plays a role of the abusiness partner of a company. The primary performance indicators (KPIs) will derive from business indicators. Such KPI workshop indicators can be intangible or tangible. From a companywide KPIs, the department will then establish the department KPIs. Numerous of us would be able to establish that level of KPIs as HR would arrange a workshop to make sure each department comprehend and get “How-To” in setting KPIs, namely, cost KPIs/Finance, Customer Satisfaction KPIs, Quality KPIs, employees learning KPIs and environment/facilities KPIs. Human Resources will collates all such information and monitor progress from half-yearly, quarterly to yearly.

HR needs to develop and design a reward system when a department KPIs is attained. Before this reward system development, performance assessment for individuals, that’s for executives, managers, and operatives. Every level would need diverse KPIs. From KPI workshop, special payment, bonus payment, exgratia payment and non-monetary rewards like an aspecial celebration, holiday trip, recognition for team or department as well as individual will be taken into consideration for the development and design of rewards system. HR is to align a reward system to performance System along with the KPIs.


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