Traveling with children

Everybody has a story of a traveling trip by bus from melaka to mersing next to a kid or a screaming baby that would not stop banging a seat in front. As parents, we do not wish to get dirty looks from any passengers and hope that our kids would behave for a few hours of travel. Ensure you pack any documents, important or expensive items in your bag known as carrying on. Bring a kid safety seat with you on the bus if you’re traveling with a child, along with a bottle or pacifier. You must carry on medications with a note by a doctor explaining the purpose of medications. If there’s one favorite small toy your kid sleeps with, put it in a bag since you do not want to risk it getting lost with a luggage. It might also assist your kidnapping the bus.

If you’re a single grandparent or parent traveling with a kid, ensure you’ve their supporting documentation and passport, including a letter from other legal guardians or spouse. Letters might be questioned for genuineness, so it’s best to have a letter certified, sealed or stamped by a notary or any other official. In case you somehow get separated, keep an identification form of in the pocket of a child as well. Teach your kid to approach bus staff in uniform if they become lost.

Depending on the age, let your children be part of the baggage preparation. Older kids (five plus) can already tell you what toys or books they’d like to include. Ensure you check their collections before you leave. The best items are light weight, inexpensive, even disposable ones. Throw in a surprise after they’ve packed.

When it comes to the activities of the kid while traveling in a bus from melaka to mersing, variety is a key. Kids can easily get bored with an activity in few minutes, so it’s good to have several diverse items to make them busy. A book, a coloring book with pencil crayons or crayons, a magazine, and also an activity book are fundamentals. Activities books comprise join the dots, mazes, picture search, word search, Ad Libs, find mistakes, etc.