A nurse serves the entire humanity!

Nursing is a very honorable profession. No hospital can be run without the nurses. Female nurses take care of our patients. The study shows most nurses perform this task only on humanitarian grounds and not to earn money. What they earn is not hidden from anybody.

It is our social and moral duty to convey our thanks to them who care about us. You’ve probably noticed during your stay in a hospital that doctors are hardly able to have one or two visits to the room or ward just to take a look and then leave with a long list of medicines and other instructions for the nurses to make the patient act on. So, is that not our moral and social duty to have a gift for nurse?

Giving them a gift never means that they are acquisitive of receiving gifts from the attendants of the patients, it is just an expression of thanks with a meaningful gift.

Offer a gift for nurse is a sign that you are the owner of as admirer of their services as their beautiful hearts to serve your loved ones. By giving gifts, you are not going to be a poor person nor does the nurse become a rich woman. But it can help a nurse to serve you even more.

Of course, it is a quiet support instead of giving some cash that they can refuse as illegal or it can be treated as an act of bribe etc.

A gift for nurse is an acknowledgment of the unending hours because they come at one when the need arises whether it is last hours of the night. The nurse will come. She serves you on the cost of their sleep. A nurse serves you waking all the night. A nurse serves the entire humanity.