The difference between a common tray and Rattan Tray

To serve the dishes, teacups, or other eatables, the use of a tray is very common, but if this tray is ‘Rattan Tray’, you are able to feel pleasing effects on your mind and a good impression on the guests who are being served something to eat or drink.

Usually, there is no harm in using any commonly used tray for the above purpose but if you would like to create a special impression of good civilization and courteous welcome to the guests, you can use Rattan Tray. It is not only exquisite to look at but also durable.

These trays are used worldwide. A Rattan Tray is never a specific sign of any particular culture. These are used from Asia to Europe and other continents. There are large manufacturing factories were they are made manually as well as mechanically. Handcrafted Rattan Tray looks more neat and clean than made on machines.

In respect of colors, there are no wide varieties but when talking about shapes and sizes, they are in abundant so it’s never a big deal to choose the one to suit you the best. Additionally, you can also place other items in these trays.

As they come in different varieties so the ways of using them are also many. Some people use them to serve the eatables while others utilize them to store things, especially women. When you want a try for placing and preparing vegetables, you need to use the ones with deep bottoms.

They are prepared with two types of bottoms, the deep bottom, and shallow bottom. They are used in term of a tray so most of them are shallow flat bottoms so that the things such as tea cups must not move here and there. In a nutshell, a good Rattan Tray can not only be used as a common tray but also act as a beautiful decorative piece when in abeyance.